I took a trip with Uber Lagos … and it was excellent!


Some times, its really important to tell the beautiful stories – stories of things that went well and exceeded expectations and not only stories of disappointments or let downs. I am further encouraged to share this, given the excellent narration of a positive experience by a friend of mine regarding his use of Airbnb South Africa. So here goes …

I took an Uber in lagos (at night) and it was perfect!

At this point, you are probably wondering what could make a person feel this positive about a simple ride – there is some backstory and I’ll share a bit. First of, most things in Nigeria are laced with an unbelievable amount of chaos, so much so that standardized services like UBER might not be exempt. The most startling reflection of this chaos is an almost complete lack of a service culture – where tradesmen consistently fail to deliver their product or service at high quality (i.e. in a timely and competent manner). I guess its also important to mention that I am a fairly frequent UBER user and have used it in several countries. But this was my first time using it in Nigeria.

While there have been some issues here and there, (mainly due to currency issues, not UBER’s fault) UBER appears to be doing its best to keep up service quality. And I guess a few other people have noticed!

So .. to my story. It was almost midnight and my partner and I were “stranded” at MMA airport Ikeja. Again due to the chaotic and just plain unprofessional attitude of an international airline office in lagos we couldn’t get on our flight or any closely timed flight. When we realized there was nothing further we could do, we decided to leave and proceed with plans the next day. We called an UBER (UBER Select) .. it came on time and we got home with zero incident. The driver was extremely polite, the car was clean and new and the drive was smooth. This driver drove properly and safely – maintained safe speeds on highways, used his signals for turning and was generally observant of traffic instructions and signs.

Its not a big deal, but in lagos where MOST things don’t work properly or normally, this is a HUGE DEAL. So … here’s to the management of UBER LAGOS – Well done! And to that driver that distinguished himself that day ( his name is Mayowa!), you simply ROCK! Please keep up the good work!

Finally, after my ride, UBER had difficulties charging my visa card. This was generally because my bank had flagged an earlier transaction (tried to pay for a flight ticket) as fraudulent given the location showed as “Nigeria”. Once I got back to base, I was able to unlock my card and reprocess the UBER transaction a few days after the ride. Uber Rocks!

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