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How to Install (sideload) .wgt app files on the Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch using SDB

This posts discusses the steps required to install a third party wearable widget (.wgt) as a standalone app  on the Samsung Gear 2 smart-watch or an emulator. It is assumed that you are the developer of the .wgt file and would like … Continue reading

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How to Store Data (Database access) in your Gear 2 (Tizen for Wearables) Apps

Whilst developing your Gear 2 apps you will likely need to store data and keep state. This post discusses the 3 main ways you can achieve this – HTML5 Webstorage, IndexedDB and good old Files . 

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Blocks Gear App for Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 (Tizen Wearable)

Download it here  Arguably one of the most famous “Classic” games every made. You have played, I’ve played it, and we all love it.  One of the first and most famous implementations of tetromino games is Tetris, first created over … Continue reading

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Android Wear vs Tizen for Wearables (Samsung Gear 2). What developers need to know

In the last few months the wearable computing industry has seen significant action. Google announced their operating system for smartwatches – Android Wear in March 2014 and Samsung announced their new iteration of the Gear smartwatch line at the 2014 Mobile … Continue reading

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Accessing Sensor Data (Pedometer) on Samsung Gear 2 – Sample Code

This article provides sample code to access sensor data for the samsung Gear 2 running tizen. The examples provided with the Tizen wearable SDK are definitely sufficient to get you started , but with a catch – Everything is written in … Continue reading

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Samsung Gear 2 ( Tizen Wearable ) Sample Apps, Widgets and Templates

In this post, I demonstrate how to access the sample apps that come with the tizen wearable IDE. For developers learning a new language/platform, the best way to get started is to study and build on sample code. Unfortunately the Gear … Continue reading

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Step by Step Guide on How to Build Your first Samsung Gear 2 App (Tizen)

Photo Credit : Samsung Developers Update : This post created May 12, 2014 when there was mighty little documentation out there, and a lot has changed since then! Samsung has released several new wearable devices, and the SDK (and its installation process) … Continue reading

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