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How to Install (sideload) .wgt app files on the Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch using SDB

This posts discusses the steps required to install a third party wearable widget (.wgt) as a standalone app  on the Samsung Gear 2 smart-watch or an emulator. It is assumed that you are the developer of the .wgt file and would like … Continue reading

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Accessing Sensor Data (Pedometer) on Samsung Gear 2 – Sample Code

This article provides sample code to access sensor data for the samsung Gear 2 running tizen. The examples provided with the Tizen wearable SDK are definitely sufficient to get you started , but with a catch – Everything is written in … Continue reading

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Samsung Gear 2 ( Tizen Wearable ) Sample Apps, Widgets and Templates

In this post, I demonstrate how to access the sample apps that come with the tizen wearable IDE. For developers learning a new language/platform, the best way to get started is to study and build on sample code. Unfortunately the Gear … Continue reading

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Step by Step Guide on How to Build Your first Samsung Gear 2 App (Tizen)

Photo Credit : Samsung Developers Update : This post created May 12, 2014 when there was mighty little documentation out there, and a lot has changed since then! Samsung has released several new wearable devices, and the SDK (and its installation process) … Continue reading

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