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IBM Research Internship – Application Process

For research students in the area of computer science, computational social sciences and just plain social sciences, a research internship can constitute a MAJOR aspect of the grad school experience. You learn a whole lot, build a great network of … Continue reading

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How to Scrape/Crawl Research Data Using Selenium WebDriver – and Java

As a researcher, there are many times you will need to assemble a dataset of information in the public domain (on websites) for research studies. E.g you want to analyse thousands  comments on a forum, or download and process hundreds … Continue reading

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All I learned about Social Science Research Writing, I learned from Blogging.

 Photo Credit : Theslaeslion By the middle of my first year in a Social Science PhD program (Information Systems), I realized I had  a  handicap in research writing. Coming from a background in computer science, I was literally stumped on two early proposal … Continue reading

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