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Playing Audio over Bluetooth on Rasbperry Pi (Using Bluealsa, Command Line)

In many situations (connecting remotely to the pi, programmatically playing audio), it is necessary to have command line interface (CLI) options that enable you setup and play audio via bluetooth. This post covers the process of connecting to a bluetooth … Continue reading

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Introducing TJBot – An open source maker kit connected to Watson Services.

So, the past few days (months actually) have been spent working to prepare for the Watson Developer Conference where a really special project was unveiled – TJBot. I have had the incredible good fortune to have worked as technical lead … Continue reading

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Wrong HDMI Color (Pink and Green Color Distortion) on Raspberry Pi

So recently I had some quick prototyping to do on a Rapsberry Pi, and after connecting the HDMI cable, the colors looked washed out. Areas that should be white were pink, and areas that should be black were green! Didn’t … Continue reading

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