Scoreloop SDK Terminated. Its the End of the Road Guys.


I’d hoped this day would come later rather than sooner. But I did predict it in my last article about the Scoreloop gaming/leaderboard SDK. I found the service to be both awesome, easy to use, fast and all round value adding. I knew with its acquisition by Blackberry, its rather unclear business model (they allow everyone user their server to host thousands of game interactions for free), some changes would need to be made . There is a possibility that another similar service may be launched by the original founders or Scoreloop, but for now the Scoreloop Service has been officially T.E.R.M.I.N.A.T.E.D .

Developers have till 1 Dec 2014 to remove ALL Scoreloop API calls from their games.

I got the email today and heres an excerpt.

This letter hereby constitutes notice of Scoreloop AG’s (“Scoreloop”) termination of the Agreement pursuant to Section 10.02 of the Agreement. Effective immediately, Scoreloop will no longer be accepting new Games and Scoreloop will permanently shutdown the Scoreloop Services on Dec 1, 2014. Please remove the Scoreloop Software from your Games and cease accessing the Scoreloop Services prior to Dec 1, 2014. 

You can find the entire letter here .

Whats do we do ? What are our Options

As the flexible and resilient developer we are, we switch to other leaderboard/gaming SDKs .  In no particular order, some of the alternatives are …
Google Play Services

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