How to Test Apps Using the Samsung Remote Testing Lab


To facilitate testing of apps, Samsung has developed the Remote Testing Lab (RTL) facility in several regions (Poland, UK, US, INDIA, RUSSIA) . These labs contain real devices which allows developers upload and test their apps to ascertain behavior across multiple different devices (Note, Note Mini, Tablets, etc) , OS (Android, Tizen) and form factors (smartwatch, smartphone). To use the devices, you need to download and run a java applet which connects you to a live device in the Samsung lab and provides an interface to interact with this device. This post covers the steps needed to test your android, tizen and gear apps on real devices over the internet using the sSamsungremote testing lab.

Lets Get Started

Step 1 : Get a Samsung Account
You will need to create a Samsung account. If you haven’t done so, do that here

Step 2 : Request a Device
Go to the RTL website and select an OS, device and amount of you want to use the device for and click startrtl

Step 3: Download the Java Files
After clicking start, a jnlp file will be automatically downloaded to your computer.

Step 4: Ask Java to Play Nice
For security reasons, your computer may not run the jnlp, so you will need to add the source of the jnlp files to your java list exception list.  Goto Start > All Programs > Java > Configure java  . Goto the security tab


Under security, got Edit Site list > Add … add the url to the site list

Step 5: Install the java File

Install the jnlp file and allow all the prompts . You should see your device loading up with a blue RTL screen .

Step 6 : Install your App

To install your app, you will need to upload it to the test device. Right click on the device and you should see a menu popup. Go to Manage > Application . This should launch a popup.


Click new to upload a file . After your apk or .wgt file has been uploaded, it will be displayed in the application list and the install button becomes active. You then can install your app on the test device.


Final Notes

Select a Lab Location Carefully – The Closer the better. For example, if you are in asia, devices from India, Russia, Korea etc will likely be more responsive than devices in the USA. Also there may be disconnections during usage – you will need to request a new device and restart the process.

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