Samsung to Release a New Gear Device – Right About Time!!


Image : Samsung Developers

Two likely things – a circular watch interface, and more sensors.

Today I got an email from Samsung hinting at an all new innovative gear device they are about to release. I was invited to join the Gear SDK Early Access Program. To me, Samsung leads the smartwatch innovation train and have released 5 iterations of their smartwatch in just under 3 years.  From the look of things, I imagine Samsung will expand its SDK in two main ways – first it may be looking to support the circular watch interface which has been all the rave (and which I don’t believe will translate to a better user experience), and also its new devices will likely sport a more accurate and more diverse set of sensors. Samsung watches till date have used a rectangular physical watch interface and the Gear S has had the richest set of sensors (pressure, uv, light, heartrate, gps, accelerometer, gyroscope) . There is opportunity to further innovate with sensors such as skin conductance, eeg , skin temperature (as seen on the microsoft band), barcode scanner, IR etc.

The device will also run  Tizen, and it will feature a Super AMOLED display, a rotating bezel, Exynos processor, Wi-Fi, cellular connectivity, Bluetooth, and calling support.

Interested in how to get started developing apps for the Samsung Gear? See some tutorials here.

We are waiting Samsung!

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