Samsung Gear S2! Many things done right!


image: Samsung developers

And so Samsung has now released the Gear S2 – their new smartwatch which I talked about a while ago. While I haven’t gotten my hands on one yet, I strongly believe many things have been done right! The device excels on all aspects of the wearable design framework – boosting its fashion appeal, leverages sensors (the tactile rotating bezel) in exploring new forms of input, and meets functional needs.

A really insightful review on the Gear S2 by the Verge can be read here.

Excellent SDK Work by the Samsung Gear Team!

Regarding their SDK’s, lots and lots of respect to the wearable device team at Samsung. They have had to iterate really fast on the wearable sdks across 4 generations (Gear, Gear Fit Gear 2, Gear 2, Gear S2) of smartwatches in just 2 years! Hopefully the recent SDK is closer to a long term build than previous versions. However, I still think more significant changes are still yet to come for a few reasons. First, I feel they have not really done very much to sell the SDK to developers recently compared to the really awesome contest they held for the Gear 2 SDK.  I did get a generic email inviting me to “rewrite” my existing gear apps for the S2 device. Secondly, there were few sessions developed to wearable applications dev at the Tizen Developer Conference 2015 that held in Shenzhen  ..



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