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Blocks Gear App for Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 (Tizen Wearable)

Download it here  Arguably one of the most famous “Classic” games every made. You have played, I’ve played it, and we all love it.  One of the first and most famous implementations of tetromino games is Tetris, first created over … Continue reading

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Android Wear vs Tizen for Wearables (Samsung Gear 2). What developers need to know

In the last few months the wearable computing industry has seen significant action. Google announced their operating system for smartwatches – Android Wear in March 2014 and Samsung announced their new iteration of the Gear smartwatch line at the 2014 Mobile … Continue reading

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Accessing Sensor Data (Pedometer) on Samsung Gear 2 – Sample Code

This article provides sample code to access sensor data for the samsung Gear 2 running tizen. The examples provided with the Tizen wearable SDK are definitely sufficient to get you started , but with a catch – Everything is written in … Continue reading

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Samsung Gear 2 ( Tizen Wearable ) Sample Apps, Widgets and Templates

In this post, I demonstrate how to access the sample apps that come with the tizen wearable IDE. For developers learning a new language/platform, the best way to get started is to study and build on sample code. Unfortunately the Gear … Continue reading

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Step by Step Guide on How to Build Your first Samsung Gear 2 App (Tizen)

Photo Credit : Samsung Developers Update : This post created May 12, 2014 when there was mighty little documentation out there, and a lot has changed since then! Samsung has released several new wearable devices, and the SDK (and its installation process) … Continue reading

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Samsung Gear S2! Many things done right!

image: Samsung developers And so Samsung has now released the Gear S2 – their new smartwatch which I talked about a while ago. While I haven’t gotten my hands on one yet, I strongly believe many things have been done … Continue reading

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My Experience with Assets 2016 Conference

This year I had the opportunity to attend the assets2016 conference in Reno, Nevada and it was an excellent learning experience. For clarity, ASSETS stands for ACM SIGACCESS Conference on Computers and Accessibility. The ASSETS conference is the premier computing … Continue reading

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Samsung to Release a New Gear Device – Right About Time!!

Image : Samsung Developers Two likely things – a circular watch interface, and more sensors. Today I got an email from Samsung hinting at an all new innovative gear device they are about to release. I was invited to join … Continue reading

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Foqus – A Mental Health and Mindful Meditation App

Foqus is an app I released two years ago (July, 2014) for the Samsung Gear 2 which went on to become a finalist in the Samsung 2014 Gear App Challenge. Good to see Apple also catering to the mental health … Continue reading

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Comparison of SmartWatches and Sensors with 3rd Party Developer Access

Recently, I have been working with wearables and it has been exciting to watch the rapid pace of innovation with these devices – especially the impressive set of sensors that are built into them. Companies tend to provide limited or … Continue reading

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