Introducing Trivia Monkey – Trivia for Happy People!

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Its March 2014 and in the last couple weeks I have pretty much pushed myself to the limits to get out a new product. Trivia Monkey. Trivia Monkey satisfies multiple aims for me as a developer and academic. Its a chance to increase my technical portfolio and also constitutes a part of my academic research. The idea is to keep pushing the limits with this product and follow its progress till be becomes the defacto app for consuming (and creating) trivia . It has been a great learning experience and a great source of experience for wrapping my head around asynchronous programming in c#.
Current status : not yet released.
Current Platform : Windows Phone 8.

App Description.

Fun and engaging trivia game for happy people! Test your knowledge of diverse areas, keep relaxed, engaged and entertained!

How to Play

Select a category of interest, answer questions. Correct questions earn you points and play time earns you monkey koins that can be used to unlock items (like new categories) .

Main features

– A rich pack of interesting trivia games
– Excellent user interface
– Live Tile Support
– Select your own theme from a choice selection of colors (Monkey, Leaf, Sea, Granates and Grayvel!)
– Share and post your progress to social networks
– Awesome statistics
– Global Leaderboards
– Supports payment methods in multiple geographic locales.
– offline mode

Story Thus Far and Milestones

May 2013

After giving an invited talk on the Built for Mobile experience in developing nations at the blackberry Dev Conference in Orlando florida, I started thinking deeply of making a real app success story. Discussed it with a couple of friends (Tola and Emily) .

June 2013

Began building a C++ version of trivial monkey for BB10 in my spare time. Issues with school workload, summer project , qualifying report etc. Efforts suspended.

Feb 2014

A few interesting challenges come up to motivate resumption of coding.
Devcon alpha challenge by Microsoft, Nokia, Verve , Imaginecup.
Revised the Trivia Monkey App structure .

March 2014 2 weeks (~150hrs+) marathon  coding
  1. learned laraval + Azure, built backend api for delivering questions.
  2. Purchased domain and built the landing page
  3. Learned C# .. hammered out version 1.0 Beta of Trivia Monkey. Learned alot about asynchronous programming and exactly how to conduct heavy processing whilst maintaining app responsiveness.
  4. 10+ Beta Updates Pushed to Windows store for testers
  5. Collaborating with a couple of friends who are helping with content generation
  6. Pushed 3 Main live updates pushed for store approval
  7. Major Redesign of the Interface . Chose to use a wp8 pivot control over a panorama. Panorama’s are overated.
  8. Working tireslessly with Verve/Interswitch Nigeria in testing their maiden payment api that handles payment. Interswitch is the arguably the largest switching company in Nigeria and have partnered with Microsoft and Nokia to built the first payment sdk which developers can integrate into Windows 8 apps directly.
  9. Conducted several engaged research and feedback sessions with testers and potential users

At this point, alot of feedback is extremely valuable! If interested in testing, contact me at (hello at denvycom dot com) with the email address associated with your device microsoft account and I’ll send you a download link. Or you could give early feedback using the feedback form here.

Update May 29 .

After pushing back the contest deadline over 4 months, the Verve contest finally held. It appears the original judging criteria (design, functionality, integration of verve sdk) was not used. Thus trivia monkey did not win any of the 3 prizes available. Winner were “Ask the lawyer” ,  Save a life  . Would like to see your evaluations these apps too (in the comments section) . I guess my evaluation and the process would make a nice post in the future.

In the mean time, work on Trivia Monkey will definitely continue.



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