Introducing the Texas Instrument CC2541 SensorTag Combined Sensor


TI CC2541 SensorTag Components – Board with battery inserted and case

Some weeks ago, my inner geek began to itch and I thought it would be cool to examine programmable sensors that could communicate with my mobile phone via bluetooth low energy. You see, sensors are important nowadays because they are the little minions that collect all the important data that constitutes the larger construct called the “Internet of Things” aka IoT. As I read a bit more on sensors, I learned about iBeacon Technology. And as I read even more, I learned about the Texas Instrument CC2541 SensorTag.  It has 6 very important sensors – IR temperature Sensor, Humidity Sensor, Pressure Sensor, Accelerometer, Gyroscope and Magnetometer – And it cost $25 (including 3 day expedited worldwide shipping) . It was very easy to assemble, supports iBeacon and I loved it!

You can check out the specs or purchase it here if interested.

A little More about its Features


The CC2541 SensorTag is the first Bluetooth Smart development kit focused on wireless sensor applications and it is the only development kit targeted for smart phone app developers. The SensorTag can be used as reference design and development platform for a variety of smart phone accessories. TI is making Bluetooth low energy app development easier and faster with the CC2541 based SensorTag, which has all the commonly used sensors on a single board for quick evaluation and demonstration. The SensorTag works with TI’s TPS62730 (step down converter), and includes TI’s TMP006 IR MEMS temperature sensor, humidity sensor, pressure sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer. The versatility of the SensorTag means limitless app possibilities including those for health and fitness, medical, educational tools, toys, remote controls, mobile phone accessories, proximity and indoor locationing.

Whats Next

I’ll find some motivation to do some thoughtful experiment with it! An app that measures ambient conditions while I work – and compares that with my average reported daily productivity.

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