Google Announces Cloud Challenge! $20,000 is the prize !


Once again, Google is organizing a Coding Challenge to encourage developers from different regions to use their new Cloud APIs in developing innovative web apps! Suffice it to say, the rewards are COOL. And real too. Finalists from each category get $20,000 and a chance to establish potentially useful relations with google over the next few years. While there are many valuable reasons for developers to participate in hackathons/challenges, one strategic value of participating is the opportunity to build a high quality product of your own. For young tech-entrepreneurs, this is priceless!

What is the Google Cloud Developer Challenge?

Excerpt below is from the official Gooogle announcement.

Developers in 6 regions across the world will win prizes that include Android devices and up to $20,000 USD. We are also highlighting innovations of students and female developers!

All you have to do is build and submit an amazing application in one of these categories:

  • Enterprise/Small Business Solutions , Education, Not for Profit
  • Social / Personal Productivity/Games / Fun

A winner will be chosen for each category, in each region — 12 prizes in total.

Need some further inspiration? Checkout last year’s winners . FAQ? Right here!

What Language Can You Use ?

You can develop applications on the Google Cloud Platform using any of PythonJavaPHP and Go programming languages.
You can also apply for $2,000 worth of Google Cloud Platform credit here using the promo code: gcpdc-in.

The first round of submissions closes November 21, 2013.

In the words of Benjamin Franklin – “Do not leave for tomorrow, what can be done today” . Start now, clock’s ticking.

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