Gidigames Android Board Game is Going Open Source [Happy New Year!]


Hurray and Happy New Year All! Gidigames is now OPEN SOURCE. You can download the Source code from Github and use it as you wish.

Brief description of Gidigames

Gidigames is a suite of simple (board) games that we’ve always played – and we’ve always loved! Gidigames has 3 simple titles contained in it.

Screenshot_2015-01-01-13-23-44 Screenshot_2015-01-01-13-24-17

Lexis – Lexis is a [fruit ninja concept]  local language learning game aimed at helping players learn new languages. Current functionality includes a play mode that enables players learn youruba, ibo, hausa (or any other) words by slashing at the correct English translation of the highlighted words.
Puzzlemania – Remember the number slider puzzle we all played as kids? Puzzlemania brings back the exact same experience! Picture, letter and Picture slider puzzles.
Tic-Tac-Toe – A.ka. X’s and O’s, Noughts and Crosses, Wick Wack Woe, Pencil and Paper game …

What does Open Sourcing it Mean ?

This means you can download the full source code, and use it any how you please.

Why Am I Open Sourcing it ?

As A Learning Tool for Others

For quick and dirty coding, I tend to learn by example and by reading source code. Even though I am a stickler for careful study of documentation/books when learning, I still find that working with sample code does greatly enlighten the learning process. So, I am hoping that the Gidigames code will help other developers understand game development principles, animation calculations, memory management, user interface design, scaling, … and also improvisation. I have written a slew of tutorials to help too.

Half of Something is Better than all of Nothing.
Gidigames is actually the first mobile game I developed and released after founding denvycom. But it wasn’t the first application I built. The first application I built was a really well designed tablet application to facilitate orders in a hotel/restaurant. I never released it, and it never flew. I was young and very immature back then, and I didn’t realize it was better to have a small fraction of a successful app than own all of an app that never sees the light of day. But that story is a post for another day.  By giving away Gidigames, I am hoping brave young developers will be courageous enough to take make spinoffs, make ripoffs, make tutorials, and share their achievements. This way, I feel successful too.

Final Blessings and Disclaimer

I wrote Gidigames early 2012. There is likely to be serious spaghetti code there, and an unfortunate lack of commenting.  Please feel free to refactor it and be forgiving of errors. I will also work to improve the game from time to time as possible. To better understand whats going on in the code, I suggest you go through the tutorials on developing a slider puzzle game, and then tweaking the code.

Please feel free to share your ideas below, and also to contribute to the Github repository. Many thanks.

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  • many thanks for source, it really helps learning