Fan Theory – How does Westeros Learn about Jon Snows Heritage (Hint: Fire)


So, at the end of Game of Thrones Season 6, it is revealed (via the 3 eyed raven) that Jon Snow is actually NOT Ned Stark’s son/bastard as we have previously believed. Jon Snow is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen (brother to Daenerys Targaryen) and Lyanna Stark (sister to Ned Stark). Wow! What a twist! But here is the problem .. only the previous 3-eyed raven (the old guy in the tree who was killed by the Whitewalker King), and the current 3 – eyed raven (our beloved Brandon Stark!) are privy to this important piece of information.

The rest of Westeros DO NOT know John Snows True Heritage

So, this post is my thoughts/theory on how the rest of Westeros come to learn of this … if they do at all. First things first …

They are Unlikely to Learn About It

The 3 eyed raven probably doesn’t discuss with mere mortals

So far, throughout the series, the previous 3-eyed raven has lived beyond the Wall. Also, it appears that he has not shared his visions of the past and future with .. well … inhabitants of the lands within the walls.  Apparently, the 3-eyed raven is one able to see all things with a thousand eyes and one. In similar vein, it is likely Brandon will remain beyond the wall and attend to his 3-eyed raven duties in a bit of solitude like his predecessor.

But there is Something Special About Targaryens – Fire

They are dragons!

Repeatedly, Daenerys has shown what being a courageous Tagaeryen is all about. Yup, Targaryens are dragons. Twice, we’ve seen Deanerys get burned but emerge unscathed like a phoenix. While the same cannot be said about her brother Vicerys (he was described as being weak), Jon on the other hand has been quite the solid rock. True dragon candidate.

My Theory : By a great big Fire!

Revealed by Fire. A special fire.

My theory is that there will be a rather unfortunate situation … a great big fire .. one that involves Jon Snow. To everyone’s amazement, he’ll emerge unscathed. Like a true Targaeryen! However this fire might need to be special. As mentioned by the Game of thrones author, Tagaeryens are not necessarily immune to fire. Also, there is evidence that Jon Snow has been burnt in the past. In Deanerys’ case, it appears both fires she emerges from have some magical component to them – the first having a burned witch and dragon eggs … the second in a place that appeared to be a temple, with some other humans (perhaps sacrifice). The alignment of such special circumstances just might be the way Jon Snow (and the rest of Westeros) discover his heritage as a Tagaeryen (Jon Tagaeryen)!

So .. what do you think ?

P.S> I’m not a die hard Game of Thrones fan, just sharing some thoughts!

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