Windows Phone 8 Panorama vs Pivot – Evolution of Trivia Monkey UI design

I have previously written a brief post on why I think Panorama’s are overrated. In this post, I outline the evolution of the Trivia Monkey UI, highlighting the move from the design choice of panorama to pivot.

Wave 1

I used Nokia Trailers as a model app and selected the Panorama Control as my main page layout control. UI text looks like its gasping for space and breath. Page titles takes up so much space too, essentially constituting a waste. Items don’t really flush from page to page, notice the yellow button boxes on the top of swipeable page do not align. It looked good at first but began to feel unbalanced after a couple days.

wp_ss_20140219_0002 wp_ss_20140219_0005 wp_ss_20140219_0012

Wave 2

Still using Panoramas but with much better ideas on button sizes (equal). More importantly, the design concept of deep theming was implemented and tested out with a couple of colors. Basically, deep theming refers to a design paradigm that allows users make app-wide changes to the look and feel of a particular app (whilst maintaining fidelity to the metro style guidelines).

2014-03-06 21_25_15 2014-03-06 21_29_51 2014-03-06 21_29_56

Wave 3

The important switch is made to using Pivots rather than Panoramas. Notice a much more organised look and feel to the interface ? There is also a more judicious use of space , and actual utilization of screen real estate in displaying content . This is also in alignment with Microsoft’s Metro design language which emphasizes

better focus on the content of applications, relying more on typography and less on graphics (“content before chrome”)

2014-03-06 21_29_56 2014-03-13 19_51_59 2014-03-13 19_52_01

All of these (Wave 1 – 3) happened during the design / beta release process (about 4 weeks) . More changes will likely come along in first main release, but I’m quite pleased with the current iteration.

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  • Thomas Clifton

    Started work on an app recently and have gone through the same steps. Thought panoramas were pretty cool at first but it’s just such a waste of screen real estate. Bit of a surprise the template is included really given that Microsoft’s design philosophy is “Content not Chrome”. It’s a bit at odds with that really.

    • Vykthur

      Hi Thomas,

      I absolutely agree. The use cases for Panorama’s are severely limited, and like u mentioned, at odds with their design philosophy. Look forward to seeing your app too!