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Why I’m excited about the upcoming Watson Developer Conference!

I’ll be attending Watson Developer Conference 2016 Yay!! Developer conferences have always been an interesting experience for me! Having  attended (and given short talks) at conferences such as Samsung Tizen DevCon, Blackberry Devcon, Google developer conferences etc, the most exciting … Continue reading

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Trivia Monkey is now Open Source!

GitHub Link – Here ! To try out the working app, you can download it from the Windows Phone App Store. A while ago, I built Trivia Monkey as a way to get familiar with C# and mobile development for Windows Phone. … Continue reading

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Objective C or Swift ? Which should I learn ? You should learn Swift!

As someone who has developed extensively for the blackberry, windows phone, android and tizen platforms (and is invested in learning a new language or platform every year or so) … iOS is my next destination. Apparently, iOS apps can be … Continue reading

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Tizen Developer Summit Shanghai 2014 – A Recap

The Tizen Developer Summit is a regional, technical conference for Tizen developers, App developers, ISVs, Platform designers, Operators, OEMs, Hardware vendors, Software vendors, Open source enthusiasts, Academics and anyone engaged in Tizen. For Tizen, this was an opportunity to connect with … Continue reading

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Book Review – Learning iPhone Game Development with Cocos2D 3.0 by Kirill Muzykov

Occasionally, very good books come along that meet two important needs of beginner programmers – they are written in an engaging illustrative manner, and they cover the basic background knowledge or theory foundation required to commence larger projects. One such book … Continue reading

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Tizen Wearable API Documentation Version 1.0 and New Features too!

Up until now, there hasn’t been a documentation  of the Tizen Wearable OS platform which runs on gear 2 devices. Samsung has just released a Programming Guide (which is hardly matured yet) , but definitely provides more information. The Samsung developer team … Continue reading

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Scoreloop SDK Terminated. Its the End of the Road Guys.

I’d hoped this day would come later rather than sooner. But I did predict it in my last article about the Scoreloop gaming/leaderboard SDK. I found the service to be both awesome, easy to use, fast and all round value … Continue reading

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How to Store Data (Database access) in your Gear 2 (Tizen for Wearables) Apps

Whilst developing your Gear 2 apps you will likely need to store data and keep state. This post discusses the 3 main ways you can achieve this – HTML5 Webstorage, IndexedDB and good old Files . 

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Android Wear vs Tizen for Wearables (Samsung Gear 2). What developers need to know

In the last few months the wearable computing industry has seen significant action. Google announced their operating system for smartwatches – Android Wear in March 2014 and Samsung announced their new iteration of the Gear smartwatch line at the 2014 Mobile … Continue reading

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PhpMyAdmin Database : No Priviledges Error

The Problem I logged into PhpMyAdmin  on localhost with wrong credentials (username:admin and no password) and couldn’t create any new database : NO PRIVILEDGES.   I’m not even sure why the wrong credentials worked in the first place as I … Continue reading

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