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Playing Audio over Bluetooth on Rasbperry Pi (Using Bluealsa, Command Line)

In many situations (connecting remotely to the pi, programmatically playing audio), it is necessary to have command line interface (CLI) options that enable you setup and play audio via bluetooth. This post covers the process of connecting to a bluetooth … Continue reading

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Build a Waving Robot using Watson Services

So, building on the previous tutorial on identifying peaks in a sound file, I have integrated into my TJBot robot. Essentially the robot plays a song and waves its arm (driven by a servo motor) in tandem with the peaks … Continue reading

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Detect beats, extract amplitude data from an audio file, using Nodejs

Fork on Github The Problem: Code my TJBot robot such that it listens to and enjoys good music. For a robot to actually enjoy music, it needs to .. well .. become aware of the beats (usually peaks) in said … Continue reading

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Introducing TJBot – An open source maker kit connected to Watson Services.

So, the past few days (months actually) have been spent working to prepare for the Watson Developer Conference where a really special project was unveiled – TJBot. I have had the incredible good fortune to have worked as technical lead … Continue reading

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Why I’m excited about the upcoming Watson Developer Conference!

I’ll be attending Watson Developer Conference 2016 Yay!! Developer conferences have always been an interesting experience for me! HavingĀ  attended (and given short talks) at conferences such as Samsung Tizen DevCon, Blackberry Devcon, Google developer conferences etc, the most exciting … Continue reading

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My Experience with Assets 2016 Conference

This year I had the opportunity to attend the assets2016 conference in Reno, Nevada and it was an excellent learning experience. For clarity, ASSETS stands for ACM SIGACCESS Conference on Computers and Accessibility. The ASSETS conference is the premier computing … Continue reading

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Fan Theory – How does Westeros Learn about Jon Snows Heritage (Hint: Fire)

So, at the end of Game of Thrones Season 6, it is revealed (via the 3 eyed raven) that Jon Snow is actually NOT Ned Stark’s son/bastard as we have previously believed. Jon Snow is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen … Continue reading

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Using a Hash to Remove Duplicates in Mongoose, MongoDB – Aggregate Exceeded Document Size Work Around/Fix

One way that has been proposed for removing duplicates in MongoDB is to use the MongoDb aggregate function. Its a straightforward process in which 1.) You specify the criteria for comparison (i.e. the field you want to match in order … Continue reading

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D3.js version 4.x – Examples and Changes from version 3.x

Recently, I’m spending some time to learn more about data visualization and have decided to learn d3.js, starting from the basics. I’m working through Scott Murray‘s book and a few other tutorials created by Mike Bostock (creator of d3 … … Continue reading

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Wrong HDMI Color (Pink and Green Color Distortion) on Raspberry Pi

So recently I had some quick prototyping to do on a Rapsberry Pi, and after connecting the HDMI cable, the colors looked washed out. Areas that should be white were pink, and areas that should be black were green! Didn’t … Continue reading

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