And some of my work is featured on the Wall Street Journal


Yay!! Some of my work on wearables has been featured on the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) ! I am very much humbled and thankful for the opportunity. Ofcourse, these are simple apps, but are actually the beginning of some more complex HCI research work I am conducting with wearables. A few months ago, ( summer 2014), in line with my mantra of learning a new language/platform technology each year, I decided to feed my growing interest in wearables. I made a few apps for the Samsung Gear smartwatch line (Gear 2 Gear 2 Neo and Gear S) , and a few of them were ranked as the top 200 finalist apps in the 2014 Gear App Challenge . It was a huge learning experience, and some of the lessons learned whilst working on these apps have been summarized in the these slides Рhere and here.

Without further ado .. here’s the video cover.

A more academic (and initial) description of my thoughts on designing interfaces for wearables like the gear smartwatch  can be found here, and is cited as follows :

Dibia, Victor, “An Affective, Normative and Functional Approach to Designing User Experiences for Wearables” (2014). SIGHCI 2014 Proceedings, International Conference on Information Systems. Paper 1.

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