Adsense Milestone … One Million Ad Impressions


Around January 2014, I decided to share more of my thoughts on this blog for two main reasons. First, to share my thoughts on problems for which there wasn’t much information out there (e.g my posts on Samsung Gear App development) and secondly, as a means of improving my writing skill. As an experiment, I also decided to include adsense on the blog. Signed into adsense today and found I’d reached a milestone. Yay!

So far, ONE MILLION ad impressions have been served to viewers visiting denvycom!

As the content on denvycom continues to grow, there might be real opportunity to create a valuable platform here. I also have a couple research experiments that may be excellently well suited to this platform. It might also be a great opportunity to survey visitors too. In other metrics, there have been over 530,000 page views since January 2014, a  fairly high bounce rate (> 70%) and users spend about 2 minutes before promptly leaving. This is likely because the blog has a fairly eclectic mix of articles, traffic is organic (arising primarily from google searches) and users visit for a particular article and then leave.

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 10.04.00 PM

Lets see how it goes!

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