About Denvycom


Hi there! I’m Vykthur, Lead Developer/Founder of denvycom . I’m a software engineer, researcher, and student (see update below – I graduated!).

All posts and thoughts on this blog are my own and not that of my employer!

A Little Background Story

After completing my MSc in Information Networking from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh USA and Athens Information Technology , Athens Greece, I returned to West Africa(lagos Nigeria) and founded Denvycom in early 2012 – a startup company focused on developing high quality innovative apps for the African market. One of my goals with denvycom is to help improve (through teaching and examples) the quality of indie-software coming out of Africa and contribute to the growing technology ecosystem in the region.  In 2012 my work (mainly in the areas of Apps development) was recognized by awards from Google Nigeria, Nokia Nigeria, Samsung Nigeria, Co-Creation Hub, and Blackberry. I also got the fantastic opportunity to teach a class of awesome students at the University of Lagos in a summer program sponsored by MIT and Google. Best days of 2012! Atleast 2 teams from my class have gone on to establish startups at different levels of funding!

These days, I spend more time focusing on my academic (research, teaching and writing) interests. I study and work as a doctoral researcher at City University of Hong Kong where I work with theories in Information Systems. My current research interests are related to studies on Platform Ecosystems and HCI (Interface Design)  .
At this website, I hope to document (sometimes haphazardly I’m afraid) some of my experiences, thoughts, and works. Hope you find it useful .

Update ( April 2016) : I graduated and will be joining IBM Research as a Post-Doctoral research scientist! Excellent days ahead!

All opinions on this blog are strictly mine and do not represent that of my employer or collaborators.